At St. Marks, ministry is not left behind when the weekly worship service ends. Members of St. Marks have long embraced Jesus’s instruction to “love thy neighbor.” As a result, the church has an active and involved mission service that reaches out to not just to those in our community, but also to children of God all over the world.

These are just a few of the ministries at St. Marks:

Manna Meals

St. Marks participates in Manna Meals, which feeds hundreds of local men, women and children warm, healthy meals for breakfast and lunch, and each year, teams of workers from St. Marks join local organizations and groups to make sure families have a safe, secure and comfortable house to call home.


St. Marks telephones shut-in senior citizens to make sure they are all right and make sure they know someone is looking after them. The church also provides chaplain services and other outreach for students at the University of Charleston. The service is designed to make sure that even if students are away from home during school they have a place they can come to for spiritual fulfilment.

Global Missions

Serving our neighbours isn’t limited to those living in the same county or state. Members of St. Marks have joined mission programs in places throughout the world, including Belfast, Northern Ireland, and Central America.

Prayer Quilts

Through it all, we pray – not only for the missions and missionaries around the city and globe, but also for our fellow parishioners, their friends and strangers. We create and give prayer quilts to members who have prayer needs and to others who are connected to us through our church family. Each quilt is made up of hundreds of strings, each one of which is tied in a knot by a person as he or she prays for the recipient.


In addition to praying together, we play together with youth basketball and adult recreation, which includes men’s and women’s teams in both softball and volleyball and a co-ed volleyball team. Many friendships have been forged on our fields of play.

Our gymnasium, renovated in 2007, is a marvelous facility for recreating through several different athletic pursuits. It is used by organized sports teams, for pick-up games among friends and during youth lock-in gatherings for young people that want to have a safe and fun place to hang out with friends. The gym is available for members and non-members alike through the church office: (304) 343-2115.

Music Ministries

Ministry is not limited to acts of service. At St. Marks, we view our musical ministry as a critical way to share God’s love and eternal blessings.

Chancel Choir

The Chancel Choir helps to lead the Sunday morning worship with a wide range of musical styles and voices (along with a wide range of talents) among adults of all ages.

Children’s Choir

The children’s choir introduces youngsters to praise through music, and both young people and adults play in hand bell choirs.

Voices & Instruments

Several talented singers and instrumental musicians offer their God-given talents with solo performances or duets. People playing trumpets, drums and the flute frequently complement our pipe organ in accompanying the choir or congregation.

In 2007, St. Marks introduced steel drums that make a different kind of music for worship, praise, inspiration and outreach among people of all ages.