The Foundation

The name St. Marks United Methodist Church and the building the church occupies are both creations of the 20th century. But, St. Marks roots stretch back almost to the beginning of the Kanawha Valley by the people of European and African heritage who displaced the previous Native American residents. Methodism in America was still a young movement when it reached what is now Charleston. So, the history of St. Mark’s shares the growth, divisions and amalgamations of the overall Methodist church in America, as well as those in the local Charleston Area.

The First Church

In 1815, the first Methodist church in Charleston was established at the home of James Truslow. The home was known as the Preacher’s house.

In 1821, James Truslow erected a log cabin about 16ft by 34ft at his own expense and presented it to his congregation as Charleston’s First Methodist Church. The location was at what is now the north side of Quarrier street, between Hale and Dickinson streets, just a few blocks south of the present St. Mark’s church.