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The people at St. Marks United Methodist Church strive to be a real church family. These days, the concept of "family" includes several different dynamics. But its essence always remains the same: A group of people who love and support each other as they grow, learn and live. We think you will find that spirit among all of our people.

We adhere to this belief: "You are a beloved child of God, precious and beautiful to behold."

All people who feel compelled to follow Christ are welcomed to consider our church as a possible home. If you have never been to St. Marks, find out what to expect on your first visit.


News and Notes:

Requests have been made at our Community Movie Night for personal hygiene products, men's women's deodorant, razors, small jars of Vaseline, socks, gloves, combs, hairbrushes, small bottles of shampoo, tooth paste, tooth brushes. Please leave your donated items in the New Room or contact the church office.


Sundays at St. Marks

9:45 - Sunday School
11:00 - Worship Service
12:15 - Fellowship Hour

Quick Info:

Address: 900 Washington Street
Charleston, WV 25301
Phone: 304-343-2115


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